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Dec 10, 2012
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I talked about this with some friends this night. What are, in your opinion, some of the most timeless looking cars, that in some decades will still be seen as beautiful? Or what are some older cars, that still look good and make new one look bad? Post what ever you think or like, modern or old.

Rx-7 FD by William Lee, auf Flickr

One of the cars for me, this generation of the FD. Without wanting to talk about the 90s-era of japanese sports cars or the JDM fanbase, this car has curves that makes it stunning to look at from every angle. It's just beautiful all the way around. I challenge everyone to look at this car and get angry. It might have a bit of ninety-ness in it, but I think this will be seen as a very good looking car for a long, long time.

Hate the 911 as much as you want, it's undeniable that it's a sports car icon that will stay for us probably forever. Though I prefer the 997.2 with it's upgraded interior and LED style lights, I think the 997.1 with it's woderful rounded proportions might just win in the looks department for me for a 911 or a small-ish sports car. I think it's absolutely magnificent to look at.

Aston Martin DB9 by J&A&HH, auf Flickr

Well with this I might just state the obvious here for some, whereas other cannot probably hear it anymore, but the DB9 perfected the looks of a sports GT. I seriously doubt it'll get any better than this in the next decades. Every single line on this car's body is just so elegant and perfect. (And it has the right amount of cylinders)

GT40 by 11MrAxel, auf Flickr

Taking it a bit on the old side, what an amazing automobile achievement to build a (race) car that look fantastic and an interpretation of this 40 years later which looks as good (50 years later, not so much). In my opinion, a much better job that for example the Fiat 500, BMW Mini or the Benz SLS.


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May 19, 2005
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OK, get out of my head! :lol:
Just after reading the title, I thought of the following cars, in THAT ORDER:
FD RX-7, 911, F355 and Aston Martin DB9.

Add the McLaren F1 to that list.
24 years and still looks modern and amazing.

Bear with me on this one:

You can hardly get any more simpler and basic than this (perhaps you could say an Ariel Atom is simpler because is has no body panels, but that's beside the point).
I love the fact that it's function and focus taken to the extreme: engine in the front, 2 seats and an unmistakable shape that still looks good nearly 60 years later.

Also, as I mentioned before:

To me, one of the better-looking Ferraris ever made. It's not crazy looking like the F40 or vintage looking like the 288GTO (both of which I also deeply love).
The design is so fluid, so streamlined, bordering on being simple and yet looks so good. Compared to current Ferraris (or modern sports cars for that matter) it might even look bland but that's exactly what I like about it. It's understated, without HUGE wheels, aerodynamic crazyness and no slits, creases and the like.
Also, pop-up headlights and round rear lights.
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