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To our British forum brothers and sisters...

Dr. Woo

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Jan 3, 2005
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...allow me to apologize for the outlandishly terrible handling of Great Britain's magnificently generous donation of $5.3 million worth of rations to the Hurricane Katrina victims. For more info, click here.

And also allow me to thank you for supporting America in our difficult times as one of our strongest allies, despite the rampantly disorganized bureauCRAZY so prevalent in the country.

I tell you, every day something new comes along that makes me spit on the ground in regards to the bureacratizing of the Hurricanes' relief efforts. Makes me sick. Just something else to add to the long list of denials, such as Wal-Mart trucks full of water being turned away at the border, or doctors licensed in other states being delayed because of the governor's incompetence.
Gosh they think the beef is a liability :shock: :? !! Dickheads! There are people starving! :x
SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! said:
Gosh they think the beef is a liability :shock: :? !! Dickheads! There are people starving! :x
Well, no, there aren't people starving...at least, not in the N.O. area. They're getting food. But more is always welcome, of course.

And UKD is absolutely right. Corporate welfare and protectionism. Ludicrous.
If they can get it all to a more needy country soon It'll be a good way to revive a bit of thier image in this matter.

But, ye, still banning british beef is a bit much. Also, seeing as the UK is America's Nr1 allie, its just plain disrespectfull to do such a thing.
I noticed how there hasn't been a single American (Yes, i Know that Canada is part of America, but you guys have canadian, one can't say USA'ian) post on this forum. This is further proof of FEMA having no idea what they are doing. The USA should lift the ridiculous ban on british beef, they should just test it for prions first. A friend of mine was involved in the relief effort and saw firsthand how FEMA had their heads up their asses. I believe that this demonstrates the divisive policies that are alienating much of the world vis-a-vis US operations, etc. Bush has turned his back on diplomacy, so that when we needed help the most, he refused to accept it.
See, what gets me is how much a mess Louisianna has turned into, post hurricane. I've lived in Florida for about 11 years now (Northwest Florida Panhandle...it's almost a seperate state). Every time a hurricane plows through my home town, everything and everyone rights themselves and things are taken care of. I don't know if it's because we have a more vigilant huricane system, or maybe Jeb knows what he's doing compared to the governer of Louisiana. But it can't be just Jeb. I mean, Alabama is the same way, and you don't hear much of anything about the damage done to Mississippi (like Biloxi and Gulfport), so they must be doing something right.

Anyways, this sucks that aid was stopped up like this, but yeah, the Department of Agriculture and the FDA are usually pretty solid when it comes to what they allow and disallow (but generally you don't hear much out about them).

Oh, and it did come to pass a few years back that my dad was banned from donating blood because he was in Germany or somewhere during a certain period of time.
From the reaction I got from most of my Friends when we first emailed this to each other... well we were laughing at the stupidity of it all, and at the same time quite shocked at how the donation was treated.
I wasn't too surprised at it to be honest - I think we've got used to this kinda thing from the 'States. But we were surprised to read that as they've refused to give it to the people in their country, they've instead decided a better thing to do with all the food would be to send it to third-world countries.
That sounds really generous of them to me. They get free food donations. They consider those to be poisonous/harmful to the health of the consumer. So they send it to someone else to eat. Nice, real nice.

Yep, don't think England will be quite so generous next time...
Instead of feeding our citizens perfectly safe food, let's watch them starve to death instead!

Honestly, I think the British should have known better and sent something else.
Do you think Americans will stop being Americans just because of a hurricane?
Bingo, Z... we are assholes to the rest of the world because we don't care about diplomacy or all of the trappings of a mature superpower's society.