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To Viper: Is this a good idea? (Introduction section)


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May 29, 2004
Since we have an introductionthread now the flooding of new intro's is not really that annoying, but I think it would be even better if we had an Introduction section. Now people introduce themself in the Fifth-Gear, Top-Gear, The Site, The Forum and Off Topic section.

Let's keep it clean..?
I don't think it's too necessary - in the description of the "Forum" section, Viper has already put "a place to introduce yourselves." Noobs should be able to see that - or at least do their reading before posting.

Maybe Viper could reword the description and put "Introduce yourself here" at the beginning, so new members will be more likely to see it.
and maybe a section "computer issues"

now you have people posting pc problems in "problems", in "question and answers", in "technology" and in "off topic"
I think that would be redundant...those questions should remain "technology" or "problems" - it's just a matter of educating people to do that, and having the mods move topics when they are in the wrong section.

Otherwise we could have a section for everything. BTW, this is off topic :p
There's no need for one. We don't have that much new members, and those who are new can intruduce themselves in this section. I don't get the purpose such a section would serve the boards. It certainly wouldn't be interesting for me to check it. A welcome thread isn't a discussion thread and in most cases consists of one liner greetings. If one should inadvertanly evolve into a discussion just continue at the proper section of the board. And let's be honest, what's so important about introduction threads. I don't like them, they're often just a simple "hello/thanks". I'd prefer it if you contribute elsewhere instead of opening a whole thread about yourself at first. You're not that important.

That's why I like the "Intruduce" thread. No narcissism there, everyone gets the same thread.
The introduce thread / The Forum area are good enough IMO.
And do we have the Cool Wall anymore? :p
Well non-admins can't, +1 for the normies \o/ :D
:lol: Yeah, I just hid it in case we ever decide to bring it back. :)