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Toca Race Driver 3

matt_shaw said:
Don't forget: :)

Its coming out soon. I'll probably wait and hire it because I purchased the 2nd one and didn't really like it. It had its stong points but in the end, it doesn't have the feel of Gran Turismo (even when your in a roadcar) and that really is the benchmark out there.

Also, I got the Logitech DFP for Gran Turismo a couple months ago and thought it would double-up well with V8Supercars2 (Toca2) but it just didn't. It felt weird and all wrong. It was too sensitive even with the 900degrees rotation.
I tried the demo, was fun, but I think the car models were less than superb. They seemed like a bunch of jpeg textures just glued together to make the car.

It was still fun to play.
I liked it, because Toca2 was awesome. I played through 66% of the game, and on the last 2 LANs there was 1 race in 2 days of gameing I lost ;-) My friends suck at games...!

I don't like the sim mode of Toca 2 though, since all it does is make the steering all weird and fucked up... I hope they do that mode better in #3