Today I Learnt...

I found out that the Russian Times bought NewsMax.
TIL that one of my plants can be really sneaky.


They were so well hidden that I had no idea they were even there. Quite a nice surprise!
Since it's palindrome day (22.02.2022) TIL that according to Guiness World Records the world's longest single word palindrome is the finnish word saippuakivikauppias which apparently translates to lye (caustic soda/soapstone) salesman. :nod:
TIL that even the cheapest computer music digital DJ things in even the smallest pubs in the smallest villages know Toby Keith, this makes me stupidly happy for some reason.
In one of these articles about sliced bread, there was an advertisement proclaiming it was, "The greatest thing since wrapped bread."

Yeah, I caught that. I wonder what the greatest thing was before that.
"The greatest thing since... bread?"

Maybe self rising? Which always made me wonder, how did they get it to rise before that?