Today I Learnt...

Also grape pie is not my kinda pie, I like grapes, I like pie... Nope.

Was it prepared like a typical chunky fruit pie, or was it more like a key lime pie, but purple?

I've never had the former, but my family has a recipe for the latter with grapejuice, melted ice cream, and gelatin that's allowed to set for the filling. I've loved it since I was a kid, but I'm sure it's an aquired taste.

I could live downwind from a dairy farm or steer/cattle ranch without too much discomfort. Chicken and turkey farms, though? Right up there with pig farms.

I have lived a few miles from a pig farm, and when the wind was just right, we went to the movies.
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I learned that Jeep made an electric version of the Dj.-5 (mail Jeep.) in 1974.

Petrol lawnmower, rotated 90 degrees can be used as a hedge trimmer :eek: (Crazy neighbour)
... that there is a YouTube channel that deals exclusively in videos of the Beirut harbour explosion, called "Beirut Explosion Angles".
Well, looking at my video history it was a month ago already, but still.

One of those things one doesn't really think about until the subject is brought up. I do have a suitable accident from my childhood as well, which does fit with that kind of head trauma.