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Tom's T-Shirts

the beav

New Member
Jun 11, 2004
anybody where i can find some of the shirts tom wears (ones like DSC OFF) etc.
Mmmhh, lemme guess: Tom from Fifth Gear?? ;)
Could be, could be Tommy of Sesamestreet (In holland the dog is named Tommy :mrgreen: )
Or Tom (& Jerry)

OR Tom my little brother :roll:
Yeah, but not in the Fifth Gear-section... :wink:
yes Tom Ford from 5th gear, i'm guessing from the abudance of filler in this post that nobody knows, or nobody wants to tell me
Yeah I'm sorry m8, i didn't even know there was a Tom on Fifth Gear...is it the same guy that does Thunder Races on Discovery Channel?
tom ford, who also writes for CAR magazine... and I have no fucking idea where he gets he shirts from.... a store perhaps??
He probably makes them himself, if you have a printer buy the iron on tshirt crap and make whatever you want.
shotgun said:
He probably makes them himself,

That would have been my guess too!
Every ordinary copy-shop should be able to print t-shirts. (at least ours are)

the beav, you are going to have a bit of trouble doing a basic search on google, the Gucci/YSL designer will feature more prominently, than the automotive journo. I also thought you weere talking about the designer.

Perhaps email the crew at Fifth Gear , it would probably yield a result.