Tonight on Bizarre Foods...


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Apr 18, 2005
The Glass City
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If anyone's seen this show, it's sometimes disgusting, and sometimes wonderful. Example, Tonight they have Goanese Cooking, and it looks FANTASTIC. I want some. the Bombay Dak doesnt sound that bad but they made some kind of marinated chicken dish with chili peppers, cumin, and some other spices i cant remember. Anyone know about the show/know some Goanese recipies i could try?:mrgreen:
The show itself is pretty good, though the host gets annoying very quickly. I like the fact that he is an experienced chef and he explains the tastes of the unusual foods pretty well. But he can't seem to interact at all with the people he's talking to and, weirdly, the show seems a little too scripted at times.
thanks. got any Goanese cuisine recipies?