Top Gear [17x06] 1080i problem


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Sep 20, 2010
Gold Coast, Australia
06' Suzuki Swift
Hi guys,
So my problem is that when I try and put it onto my USB (8gb) it says this:
"The file 'Top Gear [17x06] 1080i' is too large for the destination file system."

The video is 4.16gb but I have over 7gb free on the USB. I kept trying and when it didn't work I tried it on a 16gb USB and it said the same thing!

I always put my vids onto the USB so I can watch it on my big t.v. and I've never had a problem, though I usually download the 720p version. I tried putting another episode I had on it which was 1080i and it worked fine.
Does anyone know how I could fix this because I got the whole family anxiously waiting to watch it.

Much Obliged for any help.
USB sticks are formatted in FAT32 which doesn't accept files larger than something like 3 GB.

EDIT: Max. size is 4 GB - 1 byte.
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Found a solution:
Using a command line I changed the format of the USB to NTFS, which has no restrictions.
Thanks for the info though vikirad.