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Top gear 2004 05 16

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May 17, 2004
London - Islington
first of all id like to say nice site. I found you here basically out of desperation that i missed top gear on sunday, the first time ive missed one in a LONG time (on a scale of years, not months :D )

Anyway i would just like to know "if" Top gear from this weekend will be avalible and if so when, im trying very hard NOT to read that spoiler thread, but its looking mighty tempting and im not sure how long i can hold out :lol:
My advice to you, do NOT read the spoiler thread (I accidently read some of it before it had the word spoiler in it). :?
well as long as the footy is on i can hold out, and am going to bed soon so ill survive for tonight, but now i know about this site tomorrow i almost certain will crack :cry:
Yeah, it'll be out, it'll just be a few days (takes time to encode, upload to me, download by me, torrent, get my seeders on the file and release). ;)

*EDIT* - I take that back! It's on the server now and I just gotta download it, torrent it and get some seeders on it with me. Expect it out sometime tomorrow (it'll take me 3 hours to download with my shitty connection so it's just better off to wait until tomorrow ;)).
So tomorrow is SLR day?
oh good, will have to come on here first thing when i get home. Man i cracked and came on here to read the thread of spoils, but reading vipers post has renewed my will to resist :mrgreen:
*Looks at download meter* Cmon cmon YES 1%!!!
I am in the works of downloading the 05/16 show.. And since i am nice guy, i will be seeding it all night tonight as its a new.... I will also open up my server to seed 05/9 and maybe the others but seeing as there is no link for them anymore it would be pointless...
Ugg.. Looks like everyone is done download and i am stuck at 0.0kB/s.. I guess she will be ruinnin all night to get this file again.
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