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The MKII they brought in Shelby, though how much he and his shop were involved I don't know. But it was Shelby who wanted the 427 put in the car and a transmission to back it up.

The MKIII was the road car for homologation purposes.

And as you said MKIV was almost entirely American (still had most of the old body work).


I'm wading a little out of my depth here (American car history isn't my speciality), but wasn't the MkII (GT-40 that is) still in the UK during development? And as I understand it, MkIII's are usually ignored since they were never racing cars and largely irrelevant (at least among most fans, as far as I can tell).
I've learned more about the GT-40 than I cared too in the past few days (I only cared because of everyone denying any American involvement in the project). From what I gather (from sources other than wikipedia) the MKII which won the '66 Le Mans was pretty much British, but as I mentioned before, Ford brought in Shelby but to what extent he and his shop were involved are details I haven't really looked into.

The MKII was looked down upon by the US because it was thought of as a European victory, so might as well have just been another Ferrari or Porsche win for all we cared. This is why the MKIV was a total US effort, Henry II wanted a victory the American's could be proud of. And I still don't really care, cause it's a Ford :p

And yes, the MKIII was nothing more than the street car/homologation special. I'm sure they are worth a pretty penny, but not to the extent the racing cars are.
Do you know that H Ford protested his own cars when the UK ones beat the US ones in qualifying at Le Mans? And that so incensed the UK teams drivers that on the first lap an old UK Ford came belting around (before team orders could be given) winning the first lap by quite some time. The Mk 4s won by miles at the end of the day of course.
I never heard that one.

Another one that I heard is rather interesting though...

In '66 Ken Miles was robbed of his first place victory and the honor of being the only person to have won Sebring, Daytona, and Le Mans in the same year. Team orders wanted meant the cars had to come across at the same time. Since the 2nd place car started further back, it covered a slightly further distance and they took the win.
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My basic mentality is somewhat different. Ford is American, the GT-40 was a Ford.
My basic mentality is somewhat different. Ford is American, the GT-40 was a Ford.

The MKI and MKII were never Fords, they were Ford Advanced Vehicles which was a British company. I don't agree with that mentality anyway for some cars. For example I would never think of a Ford Ka as being an American car.
As long as Ford pays the bills it is a Ford.
A Ford Mondeo, Ka, Typhoon/Falcon, or Ute are not "American." Hell other than one or 2 test mules, they haven't even seen US soil.

It's all in the same family.
Not really. Ford Aus and Ford Europe operate with quite a bit of autonomy from Ford US. In fact, from what I've heard, Ford Aus basically just sends Ford US a check.

Meh. Stupid thing to go on about.
As long as Ford pays the bills it is a Ford.

Writing cheques is easy. Having talent to design and build cutting edge performance cars is much harder.

I have a lot of respect for the engineers who've built some of my fave cars. I can't say the same for the fat cats in suits who reap the benefits of their hard work.

You're thinking is flawed.
It's all in the same family.

Ford employs more people in Europe than in America :lol: Ford Ka, Falcon and Ute are most certainly not American or part of "the family" as they are managed in completely different portfolios it seems! However, it isn't surprising to see an American try and claim everything ( I once heard that an American thought Adam & Eve were born in down town Chicago :lol:)

thedguy is right, it is a stupid thing to go on about, but not suprising :rolleyes: