Top Gear America Test Track


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Oct 25, 2010
Kelso, WA, US
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These track images show the approximately 1.4-to 1.7-mile track located around what was once Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in Orange County, California. The track is in a similar location to one plotted out by NBC's ill-fated mid-Carpocalypse attempt at bringing the Top Gear franchise stateside.

There are approximately a dozen turns as well as one long straight on the back end where our tipster estimates a powerful car like a Ferrari 599 could hit 130-to-140 mph before braking into the next turn. There's even some elevation change as the section towards what's marked "B3" includes about a ten-foot drop before reconnecting to the rest of the track.

All the markings on the track are preserved from other documents we've seen, but we don't know what they mean. The assumption is they're camera locations.

Ripped from Jalop, obviously.