Top Gear Crew in Iceland! [Semi-Spoiler]

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Mar 20, 2005
Reykjavik, Iceland
All three (Jeromy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Jemes May) are here in Iceland right now filming an Top Gear episode.

The newspaper here in Iceland wrote an article about their visit, here are a few notes from the article:

- The cars that they are testing in Iceland are: Audi TT, Chrystler Crossfire and Nissan 350Z.

- Before coming to Iceland, they drove a McLaren super sport car from London to Danmark and ended up in Oslo Norway. The ride took about 48 hours.

- When Jeromy was asked witch car he liked the best out of the cars they were testing in Iceland, he said: "They are all dreadful, but cause we are in Iceland and the landscape is so beautiful, we don't wanna very negitive. That is why we deceded to choose a car that least irritates us out of the three. That is why I'm driving an Audi TT".

- Richard talks about this being his dreamjob, testing cars. A dream come true since he was a "little" boy... (he is still little) :)

- Richard complains about the cold weather, but complains most about the beer being to expensive, said it cost's five times as much as in a pub in London.

- Richard drove the Nissan 350Z.

- James May drove the Chrystler Crossfire.

- The episode that was filmed in Iceland will be shown on Tv in middle of june.

The following pictures come with the article, sorry about the poor quality of the pictures:





Hope that is an interest to someone here :)
well ice land is becoming popular thanks to thisthe last time i remember he was in iceland was i the motorworld series
Yeah, it's a semi-spoiler. I'll add a warning to the topic title.

Well its the roadster battle... Kinda saw this coming...

I guess, the TT will win, but its unemotional and therefore be dismissed, the Crossfire is just rubbish and the 350Z be the better one somehow...

Sorry about spoiling this for some of you. I just thought that people would like to know somthing about the episodes that are in the next series...
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
I hope they trash the TT so I can show it to my dad and laugh. :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
fuckers they should've tested an RX-8, but yeah since it's so superior I can understand why they didn't test it with those shitty cars :lol:

probably more cause there's no convertible version but meh..
It's quite fascinating to see people from all around europe reporting top gear news. We might be able to put a episode guide together even before the new season starts.
Whats the point in taking that trash all the way to Iceland ? MUST watch show to get the point :D :lol:
James got shafted with the Crossfire, should be an entertaining review :lol:
I'm not sure what the point is gonna be here. But taking a couple of convertibles to Iceland where it's freezing cold, ougth to be good fun to watch for us.
Especially since Jeremy hated the 350Z & Crossfire hardtop versions.
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