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TOP GEAR episode find


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Apr 5, 2005
Adelaide - Australia
1974 Leyland Mini, 1963 Morris Mini
can anyone find this episode? 02x06 - 2003-06-15
i tried the ftp and i got all the season 2 episodes except this one. it was mistaken for 03x06 which was the first hilux episode where they tried to destroy the hilux, which i already had thanks

i really want this one episode so i can burn all my seasons!
I know i uploaded this in here, just search for it ;)
thanks heaps, but i still cant find it :cry:

EDIT: found it, btw i had episodes from an ftp that has scenes from starwars and ferarri in it, they really piss me off, they are real bad quality too, also one of the episodes had italian subtitles :?