Top Gear: From A-Z

Well at least we won't have to part for part two to find out what Z stands for. :p
John Bishop? We're going to need subtitles.
Is there an irony (and a first) in fact that this TGUK Christmas Special with CHM is actually being shown at Christmas?

Something odd about CHM 'Christmas' Specials being squashed out in the past, but this year the BBC have time for a 2-parter <_<
Milking the franchise as much as possible to keep it in the public consciousness as much as possible before the new version comes out, probably. The BBC doesn't have the luxury Amazon does of being able to run commercials starring one of the main protagonists of their show.
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For those who didn't catch it:
Just a compilation of clips with Bishop commenting in between. Each letter is a theme (B is for Ambitious But Rubbish; C is for James may Captain slow; and so on..) with clips related to that. Also guests (mostly SIRPC) commenting, lots of them.
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I missed it. Oops.
Perfectly watchable and inoffensive.

Bishop was fairly easy to understand, no need for subtitles. :D
I'm 3/4 of the way through it. Worth it I reckon. They've picked some good bits.
I'm 5 minutes in... The amount of praise they're giving the three guys. I wasn't expecting that tbh.
Apparently the Telegraph enjoyed it:

Of note is this last paragraph:

Someone At the BBC Is In Denial

Even Top Gear agnostics will have walked away from tonight's gushing hagiography convinced Clarkson, Hammond and May were collectively the best thing to ever happen to public broadcasting in Britain. It was almost as if the BBC hadn't quite made peace with the fact Jezza and chums were off to the digital pastures of Amazon and that it was stuck with the former host of TFI Friday. What an odd aftertaste this broadcast left.
Whoa, the topics are more or less arbitrary, aren't they? A for "A lot of the Best Bits", B for "Ambitious but rubbish"? That made me cringe. The other way round would have made much more sense - A for "Ambitious but rubbish" and B for "Best Bits", but apparently they wanted the "Best Bits" in the beginning so they made a hash of it...
I thought it was quite well done. Surprised me.
wow... this was actually quite good! I laughed till I cried at some of the scenes.
May screaming "NOOOOO!!!!!" as he runs frantically toward his newly gifted Dacia being demolished.