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Top Gear "logo"


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Dec 14, 2004
Allen, TX USA
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Anyone have a good higher resolution image of the Top Gear logo?
Soo, you wanna set up a rival Page???

haha... sorry, don't have one..

Thank you! I am actualy trying to make the DVD menus on my Top Gear DVDs look better. :)

No way I could set up a rival site that would be anywhere near as good as this one. :D
yeah i wounldnt mind downloading that lol. feb hasnt ended and my UL/DL rate is over 100GB's lol
Well, the DVDs aren't really anything special. I just make a simple menu and put 3 episodes on each disc. The quality isn't as good as the DivX or XVid source but it looks decent on a TV screen.

How many people would actually be interested in a torrent of something like this?