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Top gear meeting @ Nurburgring.


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Apr 19, 2005
Seat Cordoba 1.9 TDi Magnus @ 170BHP
I'm going to the Nurburgring second week of August. I thought it might be a cool idea if some members were to meet up and do the ring together.

If there are dutch members who want to go, we should have a central meeting point, so we can go there together.

If you're interested, drop a line here.

I'll be going in a Mk.3 Golf GT
What an nice idear if i diddent have to work i'd go :?
I wish I could go too...stupid ocean <_<
hokiethang said:
Cruzz563 said:
I wish I could go too...stupid ocean <_<

Yeah that ocean is a bit of a problem :-(

you're lucky, I've got an ocean *and* great whopping continents in the way - stupid continental drift... but otherwise...

hey pieceoftat - grab some pics and post em up

(fingers crossed I might be making a pilgrimage to the 'ring mid next year - using the excuse of going to the UK for a wedding, but we all know what the real reason is :wink:)
Driving the Ring is lots of fun, but it can be very dangerous. Please read http://www.nurburgring.org.uk/ (not my site, but AFAIK the best one in English) before your trip, then you know what tourist driving on the ring is about.
If only i didnt have exams in the summer, if only i had a car, if only i had the money for petrol and tires.... :cry:
Even if I could cross an ocean to get there, I would still need to ask my parents for their...Honda Civic. :cry:
Wouldnt that be more of a Finalgear meet rather than a Topgear meet?
Cruzz563 said:
I wish I could go too...stupid ocean <_<

you've bought the wrong country!! 8) :lol:
Cruzz563 said:
I wish I could go too...stupid ocean <_<

no kidding... they need to hurry up that bridge ofer the bearing sea
I'm going again the first weekend (it's only open on the weekends for tourists) of august. If it's open then offcourse.
Here are some pics from a couple of weeks ago. First there was a race and after the race, the ring was open for tourists. Didn't drive myself, that's why I'm going again.
Btw, a couple of guys from www.audiforum.nl are planning on going to around that date. You can also find my article about my day at the Ring here. It's in dutch (with pics) and it's the 5th post by 'Freerider'.

Greetz Johan

BTW, I'm from Belgium.
Dark_Templer_102 said:
Ya there some water inbetween us....we need to get a super rich billionair to join FG...and then we can mooche some tickets outta him/her
nah, mate, if that were accomplished he'd fly us over himself in his private jet ;)
Chupacabras said:
Cruzz563 said:
I wish I could go too...stupid ocean <_<

no kidding... they need to hurry up that bridge ofer the bearing sea
you do know that they'll never build that bridge though, right ? Continental drift won't allow it, they'll start it now and by the time they're finished, they'll be off ... not to mention the part they already built will be battered by icebergs and demolished before they finish the whole thing.
And even if it were finished, continental drift will pull it apart.
Funny that you mention that. There's a road in Palos Verdes, California called the Portuguese Trail. That earth underneath the road shifts everyday so they have to repave it each month. Every time I drive that road, it feels different.

So a bridge may be difficult to build, but not impossible . . . :lol:
It'll be much easier if you just move to Europe. That's what I plan to do after I finish my education in the US. Bavaria sounds like a very nice place!

Ask me in a few more years. I'll literally be living at the ring!
a rubber bridge? which bends and stretches with the continental drift (ever seen a continent go sideways? :mrgreen: )

or a floathing bridge, where each part can exist individually and when the continents drift to far, add a piece

i say it's possible
i'll be in hamburg germany this sunday!!!

2nd week of aug??? can u make it earlier???
i'll rent a car or something and meet u there
that'd be siiiiiiick