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Top gear Music

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Nov 8, 2004
Leeds, Uk
Hi everyone i am new to this forum. i am looking for the music played on the 1st of November episode of top gear. I am after all the music they played. Any links or any info will be greatly appreciated,

Hope theres a good response,

Thanks :D
^ I take it you mean the October 31st episode of Top Gear?

Song requests are usually done on a song by song basis in the episode's specific thread. You can find the October 31st thread here: http://gear.viper007bond.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1393&start=400.

I'm usually the guy you would go to if you wanted a song identified, but I usually ask that people post the specific times in the episode that the songs occur. I don't really have the time to rewatch an entire episode and find every single song - it does take quite a while to do.

Anyways, take a look through the October 31st thread and see if there are any identified songs (I can't remember if I posted any or not), and if you post the specific times of any other songs you are wondering about I'd be more than happy to help you out. :)
Thanks for your help found the correct episode disscusion :) . All i can remember is that it was when JC drove the Enzo but thats all i can say unless you anywhere on the web that shows reruns as i imagine i have missed the one for that episode. Doesnt matter if you cant help thanks for replyin tho
^ Well the purpose of this entire website is to offer downloadable copies of entire episodes of Top Gear, so if you missed it, it looks like you found the right place. :p If you look in the October 31st thread, or look at the downloads section on the main page, there is a link to download the episode. You'll need BitTorrent, but all of that is explained on this site.

Download the episode and post the time the song occurs. :) If you can remember a more exact description of when the song plays in the review and don't want to bother with downloading it (ie. at the part when Jeremy does...), I may be able to do it without the exact time. :)
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