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Top Gear on phones

Too bad we are in america though... that would be awesome. Spanish class... boring... but now its not thanks to TopGear- Mobile Edition!!! :D
Probably pretty shitty as mobile phones can only handle like 28k worth of bandwidth last time I checked.
i'd hate to squint to see TG. :|

this would be me after watching one ep on a phone, :x .

all that squinting turns me into an asian.
viper - verizon wireless (who i happen to work for) has installed highspeed wireless in DC and SanDiego....so 28k is a bit low if you're on VZW... 8)
my dad has got a 3G phone...
played with it a bit but still i dun quite like the performance and quality of video streaming
here in HK the choice of 3G phones is quite limited, juz 6 (relatively) heavy and bulky models
and the battery drains really really quickly even if u dun get online or play videos or take photos
and when u're inside the underground railway u cant dial out sometimes

the service charge is not so expensive, though
the most basic plan is HK$123 (abt US$15) per month (vs. HK$80/US$10 per month for basic 2G plans)