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Top Gear on TV right now, US

I'm watching it right now also. I'm trying to find out what episode it is, but all my onscreen display says is "The Indestructable Toyota Truck". All I know is, they're gonna test how a car handles a lightning strike. Sounds like fun.

According to the Science Channel's website (http://science.discovery.com/tvlistings/series.jsp?series=30445&gid=0&channel=SCI), it says it's the same episode as I mentioned above. But I'm only seeing that episode on 4 times, so I dunno if it's gonna be a permanent show. Hopefully it will be.
camintmier said:
I'm trying to find out what episode it is,
Trying to sound not too offensive now, bt there is a ep guide thread right on top of the section, ya know??? *should have sounded more offensive, I guess*