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Top Gear Picture Guide


Oct 18, 2005
TG Picture Guide - Angelfire (advertisement) :x
TG Picture Guide - TechZ's Mirror
TG Picture Guide - upyourego's Mirror
TG Picture Guide - TechZ's ZIP Version
TG Picture Guide - upyourego's ZIP Version


Hey everyone.

I know this will be "yet another TG guide", but this one I hope will be a bit different.

I made it mainly for myself, but then I saw this forum and all, it seems to be a great community, so I thought I'd share this with you.

I know some of the cars' names aren't exact and all that, I usually didn't mention the guests either, I just wanted something simple and visual.

Anyway, tell me what you think.


Be careful, it is around 2.3 MB in total pictures, so it will load slowly.
And sorry about popups and stuff, it's angelfire :(

Have fun!!!
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^ What he said :D
Wow, that is great! I used to use some similar episode guides for shows I used to watch, and they were always incredibly useful.

I don't know what your stance would be on it Orange/PEEL, but I think this would be a great thing to incorporate right into the Final Gear website (with full credit to you of course). Maybe Viper et al., we could consider working with this and JustinSyder's episode guide and create the ultimate visual Top Gear episode guide.

Just a thought.
What a bloody brilliant idea, and what zenon said...

As an aside, For some reason I laughed my head off at the Pic titled "Top Gear doesn't tolerate failure Mr. May..."


It just about sums up All of Top Gear
Very cool. :thumbsup:

Sorry to be anal, but I've spotted one thing, other then the E & S mixup already mentioned. Series 1, episode 4 says Aston Martin DB 9 vs. Ferrari 575 & Damon Hill. It should be Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.

Will let you know if I find anyother mistakes. :p
Heey, thank for the replies!

I've corrected the most terrible mistakes you guys pointed out so it should be better now.

zenon>> Absolutely, feel free to rip it off, edit, use and do whatever you like with it. I've set my limit to 4 pictures to keep it simple, because I tried making it more detailed (5+ pictures), but then it got too confusing and crowded with pictures which wasn't helpful. It's more a visual aid than anything else, but again, if you want to use it or incorporate it into another guides, please, I'd be honored. :)

gtv v6>> yeah, I just HAD to put that in, it has the spirit of the show written all over it :D
Man, looking at all those eps sure makes it seem like time has flied.

I mean eps I remember being on not long ago are many seasons back.
GREAT JOB!!! :welcome:

You called the F430 the 360 though :eek:
flyingfridge said:
You called the F430 the 360 though :eek:

Stupid me. :wall:

I saw that and thought to myself "That is strange. Why did Top Gear only just test the 360, that has been out for YEARS."

Didn't remember it was the 430...then again they are pretty much the same car! :p
Good stuff! Pics really help

Note: It's M3 CSL nor CLS lol