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Top Gear repeats on UK TV people

wow picking on a noob that obviously doesnt speak english as a primary language, cool!
Offence not taken. I am italian and, yes, my english is not perfect - who cares?.

However I believe Overheat italian could be even worse. This did not stop me to be able to get my car on Hot Metal though :)



I do not see the reason to insult me with words like "noob". If you want to do it properly please use "knob" otherwise Overheart can pick on you as well :lol:


^^ I second that... My guess: He is off to the library by now to get an italian dictonary to impress us...

this is a question that I can easily answer.

Since I was young I loved all that was British. I have never been a Ferrari person and I do not like the new models at all. At the Top Gear studio I saw the 2 red F430 from Owen (the dealer) and they look plasticky, not nicely finished etc.

I do love classic Ferraris like the 250 GT Lusso or the Dino... but it ends there. I am a bit of a contrarian and in Italy is Ferrari, Ferrari Ferrari... :)

I am stuck in the 80s and I make no apologies for that

One car I loved was the 80s Vantage driven by Timothy Dalton in the Living Daylights so that was the way the passion for this marque started.

Understated but powerful... whereas a Ferrari is a bit flashy for my personal taste

From what I know of Overheat, he wasn't criticizing(sp), just making a funny remark. He often says he would like to know another language as good as a lot of people knows english.
But as your location is London, he might have been.

No need to get on your nerves, though, Justin.

BTW, which one was your car, AstonMartin? The DB9?
oops! looks like I caused a little chaos here - hehe. My apologies to all involved. I did actually just mean for it to be a harmless remark (a "funny", if you will). Ah well! I look forward to receiving the email. I'll keep it until I can translate it - sounds like a positive motivation :p
Nice one. And always nice to see an italian not obsessed with his national products. ;)
Jeremy drove the car for a while even if in the DVD it is just 20 seconds or more... when he came out of the car he gave me the thumb up with a big nice smile. He was a true gentleman and after that he was driving the Ford GT like a maniac :)

When I hear people talking against Clarkson, I would just wish they could meet the man and see how nice he is. Certainly outspoken but this is a virtue in a PC world...

sarcasm on a forum is useless.

i was actually defending the guy, didnt even know overheats remark wasnt serious, and you ARE a noob!

New member, newbie, noob. Its not at insult unless you take it that way.

Thats what i get for looking out for the little guys :roll: :mrgreen:
Well Justin this is because YOU assume I can read your intentions coming from a different culture. You see, Italians do not have sense of humour :)

So it takes a little bit of time to "adjust" to the new conditions.

Internet forums are not like to be together in a pub drinking a beer and having a laugh. If there is a misunderstanding it can be easily corrected when real people are talking to each other. On the Net it is quite different indeed. And it takes patience.

English people, for example, assume that everyone else can understand their humor and quips without taking any offence and they do so without understanding the mentality of other people countries. No big deal but it takes time to understand each other properly. That's all.

So Justin be fair and try to put yourself in my shoes for a second: how an Italian is supposed to undertand the word noob - that is very similar to "knob"?

Besides now you say that noob = newbie... well I have been on the net since 1996 and it is the first time I see this.