Top Gear Russia

First thing i thought when i saw the Lada Kalina: WANT ONE!
Maybe I demand too much, but that alone won't do. Not with a Top Gear spin-off, at least. What made the UK programme so good was Jeremy's humour and witty remarks. His distinct presenting style and his sagging two-sizes-too-tight-in-waist jeans.

Not just Jeremy's, but all that trio is something special. Yes, I like Clarkson's annuals very much, but it's Jeremy plus Richard plus James what makes Top Gear.

Basically, I see it as an issue with Russian TV in general. It lags WAY behind European and British standards. It's mostly Jeremy Kyle show 24/7. Cheap and offensive thrills for less intelligent. This way presenters are used to presenting in a low-standard manner, and the viewers take it for granted. Matching UK quality even remotely would be a quantum leap.

Yes, you're absolutely right. The Russian show-biz and media are made from worst you can take from the western ones. It's "dumbs for dumbs" style.

Then again, judging by the script, no one is a real Top Gear fan on the production crew, otherwise they'd notice what really makes the show.

Yes, I have this feeling too. As I said before there's no Top Gear spirit at all.

The good thing is, Fomenko has some balls to stand up to up-their-arse people, no matter how fat and vip they are :D

Well, it's not the good thing actually. That's not the balls he has but taste he lacks.

Well, let's see where it goes, so far it's too little top gear and too mucg generic stupid overacted entertainment to impress me.

Yep, let's hope for the better, but be ready for worse.
And who said that the "reasonably priced car" has to be stock?

Well, it must be "reasonably priced" at least. AFAIR, the RPC in original TG costs 9,999 pounds - that's reasonable, I guess. This racing modified Lada Kalina you can see in TGR costs three times more than the stock one - and that's not a reasonable price. And more than that those cars are not for sale.

Technically, TG UK's car isn't factory spec either - bucket seats, roll cage, and harnesses. TGR did a little more than that... so what?

Well, it's just not the "Star in the reasonably priced car", that's all. Fake star in the fake car.
Just finished the subbed Episode 01 provided by MXM and I have to say I liked it more then episode one of Top Gear Australia. Look forward to the next installment.
Oh, one thing they really need to do (which they could have learned from TGA) was to show and explain the track before they let cars have a go. Now, it's just as random as it seemed on TG Australia.
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Oh, one thing they really need to do (which they could have learned from TGA) was to show and explain the track before they let cars have a go.

They couldn't be bothered ) They even changed the track for the stars, so i guess now the track has different corner names for Stig's and stars' laps.
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They even change? the track for the stars, so i guess now the track has different corner names for Stig's and stars' laps.
which is another reason to show us the track layouts.

Does anyone know where they're filming it? Maybe we can get a visual on Google Earth.
First thing i thought when i saw the Lada Kalina: WANT ONE!
Oh believe me, you don't :) Just go to and read the last "Cars under ?10.000" test - Kalina came utter last in that, for a variety of reasons. It's maybe the best car Russians ever came up with, but it's still complete rubbish.
It's on youtube for anyone who can't be bothered to download it. Only watch it if you understand Russian, because there are no subtitles.

I'm watching it right now...
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Too much emulation, it is pretty funny in some places if you are Russian. I don't think even with subtitles non slavics could really appreciate it but it just felt like too much of a rehash :(
Just finished watching it. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it doesn't even come close to the UK TG (same for TG AUS, TG USA, and any other TG rehash.)

I found it pretty funny and the presenters emulate their UK counterparts quite well. It's a shame they have such a shitty track, though.

Overall, it's a pretty good show for what it is (a comedy car show) and I'll be following it. :D

Edit: Shouldn't we have a poll for the first episode?
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I think it was pretty frikkin' bad. They had two features (SIARPC is always irrelevant). In the first they drove each others' cars, and in the second they compared a Porsche to a boat. Without telling much of the Porsche.

All throughout it felt cheap and bleak and the presenters didn't seem to say when they thought, probably because they don't have much experience reviewing cars, much like the Top Gear Australia crew. Except cheaper and bleaker.
Just finished watching it and I thought it wasn't half bad. First thought was that it was very odd to watch a Russian program in the first place. :)
That said, I don't have much to compare it to other than genuine TG, which is'nt fair really.
I thought it was a little better than TG AU even though it had to be subbed. It was a little staged... such as the losing the map part on the boat. Other than that I thought it was good entertainment and I'm looking forward to the next episode.
I thought I'd hate it, but it actually looks better than TG: Australia -
which is like saying "AIDS is better than cancer"... I wish they just stop trying to copy TG.
I liked it. I laughed myself silly.

There are lots of room for improvement, but I think they have a chance.

Having to go by subtitles takes away from it, but overall shows promise.

They were inventive and good attempts at humor. I think some of the things I found funny were not suppose to be funny, but oh well.

Their track is a bit unfortunate as in crap.

When can we expect the next episode?

Much better first episode than TGA.

I give it 7/10
Soon as they said 'Sexy', uuuhh... man. :|

Nothing against the russians. It was just so wrong.

Never seen anyone ride with the Stig before on the UK vers.
Boat vs Porsche race was a bit eh.

Overall, yeah. Sorta like the Aus vers... except with subtitles. I probably won't bother again. Good try tho. I'm just too used to the class of the original.

Hafta admit, that was some dangerous/mad driving from Fokmenko there.

In before Super-Piss-Piss.
Well I guess grass is always greener on the other side. Not a single praising comment on russian discussion boards that I've seen so far.

Actually, I found this (loosely translated):
X: Stop criticizing it! What, someone starts to rant and you all jump the bandwagon?! It definitely can't be that bad!

Y ...rants...
Z ...rants...

X: OK disregard what I said earlier, I left the comment before watching the show. It's SHIT, unbelievably badly acted and produced. What a pile of rubbish!

i just watched the first episode. i usually dont post but after the first few mins i turned it off... the horror. I cant believe the Aussie version was better in comparison. Anyways, there is no replacement for the trio's chemistry from TG UK. Those boys from the UK version just make it natural, the other versions... just seem like bad acting.
lol, I told a friend of mine I had just watched the first Episode of Top Gear Russia.

He asked me "What cars did they review?"

I had to think for a second, and then I said "None."