Top Gear scores a treble in the Nordics

Which was a press release from September.
i think we can safely assume that no one cares about local versions :)
If you knew, then you should have posted.

Only found because I was looking at BBC Media site for Top Gear air date.

Then when I saw the Nordic Top Gear release, I searched for the shows and presenters social media, which is rubbish.

That's when I found a release dated September that was similar to what BBC Media site recently posted. All a bit odd.
i think we can safely assume that no one cares about local versions :)

TG France is probably as good or better than the last couple of seasons of Top Gear UK, if only there were proper subtitles.
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The Norwegian version features Fredric Aasbø, Formula drift champion. So at least one of them can drive.
I have to admit that I am very excited and would love to see what results. So if any episodes gets ripped and uploaded somewhere, please post links. for those that are interested here are the teams.


I'm actually interested more in Top Gear Norway and Top Gear Sweden than Top Gear UK at this point. Hopefully it doesn't fall flat on its face like Top Gear Russia did.

They need Top Gear Finland though.... just 3 drunk guys flying around the woods in beaters screaming Perkele à la My Summer Car
I already posted this in Random Auto but Top Gear Sweden's lead host, Adam Alsing (pictured above, with glasses and beard), succumbed to Covid-19 a couple weeks ago.

Series 1 is finished but they haven't decided whether to air it or not.