Top Gear season 8: download single episodes?


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Aug 30, 2008
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Since the recent update to Top Gear season 8, all the torrent links from single episodes link to the 5.5 GB file for the whole season. I only want one episode, is it still possible to download it separately?
Indeed - you can do it in your torrent program. Just tell it to not download the files you don't want.
Hmm, when I do that I can only choose between 'Download first' and 'Download normally'. Guess I'll just select 'Download first' for the episode I want and then cancel the download when it's done.

It seems you have a lot more options in ?Torrent, maybe it's time I switched programs ;)

Thanks for your help!
If you are using the original Bittorrent client (older than version 6) - then I recommend switching to uTorrent asap. You'll find it much easier.
+1 for switching to uTorrent. You'll thank us later. :)
I know this thread is old but I was wondering if anyone here would have the Season 8 on them still? I'm trying to watch the whole series but I can't find season 8 anywhere.

Any help?