Top Gear Season preview s s s s s SPOILERTIME! :D

oh god I hope there are some supercars. I know there were a whole bunch last season, but it just didn't seem like enough. 04x02, that was a great great great episde.

McLaren F1, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F40, Jaguar XJ220, Pagani Zonda and the Porche Carrera GT.

What a fine episode. Will it ever be topped in AnGuRuSO's books? God I hope so.
Personally, I don't find the reviews of the super cars to be the most rewarding piece of entertainment. Don't get me wrong, love those reviews too, lots of really good stuff. But I have to admit that I love the reviews of somewhat ordinary cars. They tend to be more fun, in my view.
Any scans of this? Usually before a season Top Gear magazine prints a special section with lots of tasty shots. There seems to be a much smaller gap between series 8 and 9, but that is probably because the second half of series 8 was delayed for 2 months. I wonder if the Alfa review will be shown...
^I would scan it in if I hadn't broke my laptop. There are some shots, but the season preview wasn't as big as the one for the last series, which is probably because alot of stuff wasn't actually shown.
I doubt this will be a short series. They have to at least run it to the middle of December for the Top Gear Awards.
Re: Top Gear Season preview s s s s s SPOILERTIME! :D

Kebab gud said:
Blythy said:
and a TT vs Brera vs RX8 (lets guess hwo that goes, TT best drive, Brera best looking the RX8 the cheapest)
and RX-8 best handeling..
i think the RX-8 will win
Cheap, grate engine and superb handeling
the only thing against it is the engine (goes to hell often and drinks more then a hummer... at times)

I agree. The RX-8 is great, but has its share of flaws.
Jimi Hendrix said:
No supercars? :cry:

Does a bear crap in the woods? :D

Of course TG will have supercars ........

haz said:
Jimi Hendrix said:
No supercars? :cry:

Does a bear crap in the woods? :D

I doubt they'll show that in this series. If they do, I hope Jeremy has his Ak47 with him :)
According to the mag,the cheap car challenge has been done in the States and they have to buy a $1000 car each and perform several challenges. Clarkson went for a 5 litre Chevy, James a caddy and I can't remember what they said about Richard.
Rich bought a Dodge pick up :roll:
If it was a diesel then I'll stop laughing. The diesels are strong.
Regarding supercars, I thought that under the original plans for James May to be driving the Vampire, the Hamster was supposed to be driving a Veyron, but they ended up having to swap. So if nothing else, that presumably means there will be footage of someone, probably James, driving a Veyron. (And the idea of Captain Slow driving a car with 1000 bhp is just as ludicrous as the idea of him driving the Vampire for similar reasons, really. :)) But then again, they may have scrapped that segment.

A cheap car challenge in the USA? I like the sound of that. (I've always thought the cheap car challenges are some of the funniest segments on TG.)
^ Stewart not Stuart! James May actually had a go in the Veyron in the magazine just before the big race, quite possible the same one JC drove.
Ok, I am from New Orleans, I'm in Jackson, MS. during the fall and spring semesters but all this summer I worked in valet parking at 3 different hotels back home in New Orleans, how did I miss this. There was a British film crew at the main property I worked at but I think they were doing something with National Geographic I think.