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Top Gear season spoilers


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Mar 14, 2005
This little book came with the top gear magazine this month, so I thought I'd scan it in for all u guys who want it:

Edit by Viper: kanderson was kind enough to make a PDF version of these scans. You can snag it here: http://stuff.finalgear.com/Top Gear 6 Brochure.pdf


Page 1+2:

Pages 3+4:

Pages 5+6:

Pages 7+8:

Pages 9+10:

Pages 11+12:

Pages 13+14:

Pages 15+16:

Pages 17+18:

Pages 19+20:

Pages 21+22:

Pages 23+24:

Pages 25+26:

Pages 27+28:

Pages 29+30:

Pages 31+32:

Phew, there were more pages than I thought.
Sorry the quality isn't fantastic, my scanners pretty old. Apologies also if this has been posted before and I didn't see it.

edit: Missing Page, must have just turned to pages at once by accident when scanning them, sry:

about time they tested some american iron they should test a 300 C SRT-8 if they can get thier hand on 1 and thanks skeet
Man I can't wait for the new season, I'd better get clearing some HD space now ;)
Thanks! :bow:

I love the one illutrasting the main studio, it's got the Stig's room, and the little dude havin' a wee in the bogs :lol:
Thanks, I have a feeling I'll laugh a lot of the N?rburgring Van race, and the presenters mothers testing cars also sounds fun :thumbsup:
I just looked how much a abo would cost me. It's 132 ? for Germany :shock:
limo jumping a wedding and the van around the ring. ahahah

this series is going to be a winner for sure

good job with the spoiler scans :D
So in a nutshell:

More guns
More missiles
More explosions
More caravans to destroy
ATVs, go-karts, hoovercrafts
Flying machines
Jumping a limo over some cars and caravans
Sabine Schmitz returns, racing a Ford Transit van around the 'Ring
Shooting bullets at the SLK and Boxster
Maserati MC12
Mercedes CLS65 AMG
Wiesmann MF3 vs. TVR Tuscan 2
Clarkson's mother, LOL

Yeah this series is going to be more freakin' nuts than ever. May 22 can't come soon enough.