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Top Gear Series Four in better quality


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Nov 10, 2004

The Series Four Top Gear Episodes (May through August 2004) are available in excellent quality 350mb DiVX files that are totally digital "PDTV"). These are from an encoder called "guppy".

This includes the six episodes that are otherwise only available as JW releases.

I have some of these already (5/16 and 5/23) and am downloading the rest currently on a P2P system that has them. I can upload them to Viper if he is willing to start Bittorrents of them. I think they should replace all of Series Four, but at least the 6 missing ones should be made available on BT.
haha604 said:
VUK has encoded all of series 3 and 4.

Not according to another thread in this same forum:

i was wondering what happened to some episodes E.g. May 25th, 2003 went... i was waiting for it to be released

And Viper replied:

I removed the 6 or so Jabba's World rips off my site. They suck quality wise and I recieved too much flack from that site.
Hmm... you may be right ... The Download page has no "slots" for anything prior to Series 3, so I assumed the date was a typo, and he was referring to May 23, 2004.

In any event, the guppy-encoded files are better quality for only 16% greater file size, and in fact, Vuk has gone to a 350mb file size with stereo @ 48k, so it makes sense to upgrade the Series 4 BT downloads with equivalent quality files.

Since six of those episodes are not currently being offerred, this would be a good opportunity to both offer those eps and make these higher quality encodings available at the same time.
Viper - PM me if you want these, and I can upload them directly to your site (or else I can upload them to YouSendit, but then you would have to download them).
He is right, Vuk encoded all of Series 3 & 4 for us. We don't like to offer anything not done by our members...but ultimately that would be up to Viper.
Cruzz563 said:
He is We don't like to offer anything not done by our members...but ultimately that would be up to Viper.
I understand the bad taste in your mouth from dealing with the whole Jabba thing.

But, in fact, prior to experiencing Jabba and his idiotic banners across entire eps :x , I had not come across anyone who was sharing and doing P2P, who was not cooperative and generally glad to see their encodings distributed as widely as possible.

"Guppy" does about a half dozen different TV shows that are scattered through the P2P systems. He (?) does not put any IDs in the actual file, so he clearly is not possessive about it.

PS In the Poll in this Forum, only 23% of people said not to release better quality versions, and 60% said they wanted better quality versions of past videos to be released.
Yeah, I'm sure Guppy is the Release Group name, like LOL, VFUA, CRiMSON, etc... :)
Incidentally, VFUA does 700+ MB Rips of TG, currently.
Too much work to re-release stuff I've already released. As for the stuff with "Soon Hopefully" or whatever on the downloads page, perhaps. I'm sticking to Vuk for new stuff (else what'd be the point of this site), but I'm open to perhaps releasing a better quality one if it's not currently available.
I'm not suggesting changing from Vuk for future episodes - 11/07 looks very nice.

I was just suggesting it for older eps, especially those listed as "Soon Hopefully".