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Top Gear style film Take 3


Jul 26, 2004
El Cerrito, CA
Cavalier Wagon 24 Hours of Lemons race car
Very awesome, just finished watching it. I like the soundtrack use in the second half of this one better than in the first cut, and the camera angles were cycled better. :D
Downloading all 70MB...
I hope to see the black edges around the videos... Like TG does :)
Wow, that's a slow download, this better be worth it.
Video editing was good
Plot was.... poor
Sound was very poor, too many different music styles, and we don't hear your voice enough
Choice of car was nice

Overall, good, but can still be improved
Note to self: Take Ren off of my imaginary christmas card list. :D
No, that's exactly what I was looking for. I know the sound is bad, I'll be re-recording all of the voiceovers and changing music some.

What would you suggest for music?

As for plot, what Top Gear film has really had a plot? I have some shots of us shooting guns in the desert that might justify plotwise the journey TO the desert in the first place, but most of these films look like an excuse to have fun driving around, which I think I pulled off pretty well.

I'm going to re-edit this weekend and make the narrative more time oriented, like driving out of the city->driving on the highway->driving on the dirt roads->driving around the playa->shooting guns?->driving home.
Also going to hook up the datalogger and find a nice empty stretch of road and do a quarter mile blast for a better representation of what it can do.;)

Oh yeah, I'll torrent the next one. :mrgreen:

Thanks for the ideas! :thumbsup:
Music choice isn't bad, Some bits were even good by my taste, I just think you should try to incorporate the same song (different parts maybe) 2 or 3 times, not to mix up genres too much..

to make it united...

I like your new ideas, sounds good! But at the beginning it leads us to expect some kind of review, and that's kind of lacking IMO.

How about more emphasis on tests? Make them ridiculous, why not!

Good car for the family? Put a fake baby in the back and go offroad, fuel economy? Road noise? Interior comfort features? :p

As I said, it's got a lot of potential
Wow, you truly do have a unique car there!

I think you can improve a little bit more with your presenting. Some of what you said was a little difficult to hear. (Of course, I'm comparing you to Jeremy who has had years of vocal training to hone his television voice.) You have to speak from your stomach much like a singer does. You should also add a bit more of humour to make it more "Top Geary." Clever lines that are timely placed work wonders!

I also though that some of the camera views were too long in duration. I'd much rather prefer you switching back and forth between two or more cameras during a run. However, this is only my personal nitpicking. It's not an objective criticism.

You should do some silly tests or comparisons to other cars. It'll be fun to see your Jeep do things out of the ordinary.

And why did you go out on the Salt Flats without inviting me!?
I was also thinking about doing something similar to you with my 240Z. However, my video taping resources are limited . . .