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Top Gear Survey: Top Driving Tunes


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Nov 11, 2004
Philippines / Houston, TX
Top Gear's is accepting nominations on what you think is the best driving tune of all time.

So nominate your fav driving tune at http://www.topgear.com/content/features/stories/drivingTunes/01/

Clarkson says:

Admittedly you don't have to buy the same albums as I do, but here's something to chew over when choosing your Greatest Driving Song. First, don't just nominate some song you like at the moment. Have a really good think and dig around in the back of your memory, because the greatest song might be connected with one of the greatest moments in your life. If you're eight, ignore all this.
I remember reading somewhere that "Highway Star" by Deep Purple was a favorite among gearheads in the 70s, but that was before my time, so I would pick something more modern. Not real sure what the best would be....
For me, "where the streets have no name" gives me the chills...
Once driving to a bridge, which has access roads from both sides, and on the moment the music speeds up, or explodes, the lights came on at that exact time. It couldn't have been better. One of the biggest goosebumps I ever had!! :thumbsup:
U2 :)

Have to check out those versions, too.

Even Vanessa Carlton did a cover, on her last album. She is light pop, but somehow I like it (or her, as you wish...) :lol:
Song2 by Blur

Whenever this comes on, I get all pumped up and drive alot closer to the "edge", driving faster and braking harder. Not good for cruising, but great for 2 minutes of fun driving.
GraemePC said:
Song2 by Blur

Whenever this comes on, I get all pumped up and drive alot closer to the "edge", driving faster and braking harder. Not good for cruising, but great for 2 minutes of fun driving.

For that you should try Placebo's first album. The first tracks are adrenaline pumps... And that reminded me an old Karts game, that I could only play well with Offspring's Smash album playing. I couldn't get the same times without it...
AC/DC - Highway to Hell is fun :twisted:
Mine won't win but I entered

Manowar -Wheels of Fire

it's fast, adrenalin pumping, and car related.. :twisted:
If I ever go driving long distances here. Like going a bit outback and what not. The first Audioslave album always goes with me.
Tom Waits' Bone Machine album has been getting frequent rotation in my car for months, and Goin' Out West is a favorite song of mine for late-night crusing, besides being used in Fight Club.

Tom Waits - Goin' Out West said:
Well I'm goin' out west
Where the wind blows tall
'Cause Tony Franciosa
Used to date my ma
They got some money out there
They're giving it away
I'm gonna do what I want
Do what I want
And I'm gonna get paid

Little brown sausages
Lying in the sand
I ain't no extra baby
I'm a leading man
Well my parole officer
WIll be proud of me
With my Olds 88
And the devil on a leash
My Olds 88
And the devil on a leash

Well I know karate, Voodoo too
I'm gonna make myself available to you
I don't need no make up
I got real scars
I got hair on my chest
I look good without a shirt

Well I don't lose my composure
In a high speed chase
Well my friends think I'm ugly
I got a masculine face
I got some dragstrip courage
I can really drive a bed
I'm gonna change my name
To Hannibal or maybe
Just Rex
Change my name to Hannibal
Or maybe just Rex

I'm gonna drive all night
Take some speed
I'm gonna wait for the sun
To shine down on me
I cut a hole in my roof
In the shape of a heart

And I'm goin' out west
Where they'll appreciate me
Goin' out west
Goin' out west
Depends the mood I'm in..

Metallica - Leper Messiah, Seek and Destroy, Frantic... or maybe some Norah Jones or Jamiroquai. Or for those sunny days: Bo Kaspers Orkester :yes:
Speaking of Metallica, Fuel is a great driving tune, probably not the absolute best though
Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles is a good one for cruising too
I have a driving playlist set up on my mp3 player for cruising too. The best tracks on there are probably, Ac/Dc - Highway To Hell (Actually they have about a dozen awesome driving songs), Ash - Lose Control, which i probably associate with driving because it's on the first Gran Turismo game, they used it on top gear once too. Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away), Feeder - Just A Day, Helmet - Crashing Foreign Cars, Brian May - Driven By You (wasn't that one made for a Ford commercial?), The Doors - Riders On The Storm, The Offspring - All I Want.

That's quite a few but a totally cut down version of what i usually listen to. Driving to the right music makes everything more exciting :)
There are a few songs which are good to drive fast to:

4Strings - High on Life
The Music - Getaway
Sniff n the Tears - Driver's Seat
My thoughts:
Willie Nelson - On the road again (cheesy i know)
Chuck Berry - No Particular Place to Go
Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild
Allman Brothers - Ramblin' Man
The Ventures - Walk don't Run
Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen - Hot rod Lincoln
Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4
ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man
Tom Petty - Running Down a Dream