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Top Gear Theme Ringtone


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Dec 10, 2004
Would anyone perhaps be interested in the Top Gear Theme realtone ringtone for their mobile phones? I made it last night, it's in .mmf format so probably not every single phone in the world would support it. I have a Sharp GX-25 Vodafone Live! Ferrari Edition mobile, and it works.

If you guys do want it, I'll upload it to my site and place a link here... Just wanna see if anyone wants, otherwise I won't bother too much about it...

PS I'll make a .mid edition soon...

EDIT: Here are the links:

MMF Version - Real Tones

MIDI Version - Polyphonic Tones
Post both the .mmf and the .mid - that'd be great dude.

BTW how do you make a .mmf ringtone? I want to sample the phones in CTU from "24" and put on my wife's phone.

Unfortunately my Blackberry doesn't allow any custom ringtones...

Re: Top Gear Theme Ringtone

KryptonZone said:
Would anyone perhaps be interested in the Top Gear Theme realtone ringtone for their mobile phones?

Theres a mid version, I got it on my phone, I got by doing a search on O2 via my WAP. (thats if your in the UK) You could also do a ringtone search for "Jessica" by The Allman Bros (spelling) as that is what the tune is really called. Also if you've got limewire, do a search for "Jessica" and you will get some cover versions, I got a heavy metal version of the Top Gear Theme. I don't have any web space so I can't put it up for download, you'll have to get limewire and search for it.
Right click and go save as... ;)
KryptonZone said:
I know its the Jessica thing but the problem here is that if you type in Jessica, I get a ton of Jessica Simpson...

Yes, I know you get tons of c**p from that talentless bimbo, but if you put in Allman Bros then you only get the original, you just have to look though it all and it's there. Because the covers are not by the Allman Bros.
hey, TG tune in MIDI! Want one, want one badly. Krypton, you still have the midi as the link is broken :|