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Top Gear Torrents contain no Copyrighted material!

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Apr 23, 2004
Make no Mistake! This is important because there is no reason why torrent files should not be allowed on this site. The BBC copyrighted material reside on other people's hd's.

Further, legally speaking:

1) It is Legal to watch BBC's Top Gear in the U.S. for free because they dont exist here. You cannot steal something that has no value.

2) finalgear.com is not hosted in the UK and so their laws do not apply.

It is foolish for members of this site to be punished just so some greedy foreign company can further line their pockets.
I understand the admin of this site has been scared by the BBC's propaganda, but the truth is far more powerful. Put the torrents back and dont let some paralegal's email loosen your bowels. Even the BBC admits they only want to prevent non-license paying UK people from watching it. So at least put an agree/disagree page to make certain that only NON UK people are downloading. Remember, you can download the star wars 3 torrent from a site in sweden right now.. and dont think its because the MPA hasnt sent them the same legal threats..
The torrents contain no copyrighted material!
Yes, I know what you mean, but we've really discussed this a lot and I don't think the BBC is going to change their mind. We've kind fo established this as a dead horse.
.... A bit of advice, if you make a thread like this make sure you know what you're talking about

:lock: ?
He's right in the fact that they don't contain copyrighted material, but their legality is still unknown. TG torrents aren't coming back here. ;)

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