Top Gear UK Filming at Texas Motor Speedway this Weekend (11/5-6)?


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Jun 25, 2011
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According to a tweet by Eddie Gossage (President of Texas Motor Speedway), "the BBC will be here this weekend shooting episode of long running, highly rated show Top Gear with Richard Hammond". I replied, "US or UK Top Gear?" to confirm, and he replied back "UK". Keep an eye out!!
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Richard's filming his own series, Crash Course, in the US, so it could be a piece for that, or he could be knocking out a TG piece while he's filming Crash Course.
According to his official Facebook, Richard was back in the UK in September after filming for that series. Didn't say if he was done filming or whatnot but.
It's entirely possible Richard noticed something there while filming for Crash Course and decided it'd be something worth covering on TG.
Hm. Wondering if I should jander on over to TMS and see if I can spot them....
Someone in Georgia tweeted that their uncle will be filming with Jeremy on his boat next week for the show (I'm working on getting a link to it, or at least a username of whoever tweeted it). If confirmed, that's two of them that will be Stateside this weekend/next week. Haven't heard anything regarding James.

EDIT: Here's a link to said tweet.!/kakaleigh/status/132238120971280384
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If anyone sees anything else as to where exactly they're going to be at TMS, please pass the word. That place is enormous and there are enough film crews on race weekends that picking out the TG/? film crew will be like finding a needle in a barn full of needles.
From Hammond on FB

Right, it's raining; I'm off on another filming trip. We talked James into buying a ridiculous jacket on last one. Gonna try and do it again. Something in lime green leather I think. RH.

Meanwhile, it looks like Airport Shopping Dare is on the menu.
Has anyone got any better info on this? I'm in the area but can't find them (assuming they haven't retired to a hotel bar someplace nearby at this hour as it is getting dark.) I have found a Brazilian film crew and a Canadian one, but no Brits yet.
That looks like they were filming early this morning; I didn't get out that way until the afternoon.
Looks to me like they might be trying their hand at driving Cup cars.

If that's true, who wants to bet on how many laps Clarkson went/will go before he starts trying to powerslide? Hahahaha
Looks like James had a look at the Fisker Karma. I have no idea if this is in Texas or not, maybe some you can recognize the surrounding area. In fact, is it the US? There are a few suspiciously small vehicles in the background here :lol: (yes, I know the 500 is available over there now):