Top Gear UK Filming at Texas Motor Speedway this Weekend (11/5-6)?

Chevy HHR and Lexus RX next to each other? One with Jersey plates and one with CA? That's the US.
Too many of the vehicles in the car park do not have front plates, which are required in Texas. Also, too many big palm trees to be Dallas, where there is a hard freeze every winter. My vote is California.
just got back from the track. Sorry for the late post guys, its been a busy day. The video above is from no where near Texas. If you look at the trees around the car they are palms. Unless Dallas moved closer to the coast after the earth quake last night I am 100% sure James is not in Dallas. lol From what I can tell James looks to be in Miami, Florida. The hotels in the back ground of the video remind me of the hotels in Miami.

Also i talked with a bunch of my fellow track workers and they said they did see a film crew with Richard but, they did not see anyone else with him. I don't think James or Jeremy were at the track. Sorry guys :(