Top Gear US Hosts interviewed by Jay Leno (Begins at 30 minutes in.)


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Dec 6, 2010
Houston, Texas
Well I'm disappointed he didn't bring up how he was also asked to host the show while back, but I guess he didn't need to bring that up with his core viewing audience.
LOL... two of the audience members were PISSED at the skit Jay did... awesome.

especially that last guy with teaching abroad lol
There was actually quite a bit of chemistry there... I found that interview more real and authentic than most of the on-show stuff that the three presenters have done in TG USA. After watching it, I think there might be hope for this show after all... as long as they start feeling a little more natural around each other, that is.
I agree with jsausley...i have been watching top Gear since '02. I agree they need to be more natural around eachother. I do have to say its nice to see another person from NC, I am about a bit over an hour from you in Greensboro.
I thought the Leno interview was good. Mostly I just like watching guys sit around and talk about cars.