Top Gear US vs Top Gear America


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Nov 17, 2008
New York
Any reason why we're using "Top Gear America" as the name instead of "Top Gear (US)" like in TED, or on TV Rage, TVDB, epguides, etc? It's making automation of downloads, renaming with The Renamer, etc a real pain in the butt. Am I the only one with this problem?
How do you automate? Just replace "America" with "(US)"

Doesn't work. TED looks for the series name in the RSS feed, and since Top Gear US is not found, it will not download any torrents from the Final Gear feed. Also, since The Renamer and TV Rename use TVDB to get the episode name, it will not rename any episodes with "America" in it. The other issue is the fact that Final Gear is the only site I've found that calls is Top Gear America, so that if I just started using the name Top Gear America instead of US, searches through any other feed comes up short. For example, with Isohunt, Top Gear America yields 6 results, only one of which is actually Top Gear America the show, whereas Top Gear US returns 112 items, almost all of them are the correct show.

As for how I have it automated, I have TED setup to check Isohunt, BTJunkie, finalgear, etc. to check the RSS feeds every 60 minutes for the next episode to come out after it's scheduled to air (the schedule it gets from TV Rage). These go in an unsorted downloads folder. I then have a scheduled task to run The Renamer with a -fetch command at 10 AM every morning against my unsorted folder, and automatically rename my shows and place them in my TV Shows folder. Then Boxee will automatically scrape the TV Shows folder when new items are there. When I turn on my HTPC, my shows are nice and neatly organized with all of the proper name, season and show information.
The problem I have with the "Top Gear America" moniker is that it abbreviates to TGA, same as Top Gear Australia.