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Top Ten Rejected Titles For "Brokeback Mountain"


Not A Dude
Dec 22, 2005
Top Ten Rejected Titles For "Brokeback Mountain"
from David Letterman

10. "Not-That-There's-Anything-Wrong-With-That Mountain"
Stephen F., Santa Fe, NM

9. "How The West Was Hung"
Mike K., Lincoln, NE

8. "Little Bathhouse on the Prairie"
John T., Monroe, OH

7. "For a Few Dollars More We Can Make It a Threesome"
Tom W., Richmond, VA

6. "Go West, Young Man...Now South...A Little More To The South...Oh God, Yes! Right There!"
J K., New York, NY

5. "Clint Eastwood's Nightmare"
Clinton F., Columbus, IN

4. "The Good, The Bad and the Fabulous!"
Jonathan B., Santa Monica, CA

3. "Broke My Back Mounting Him"
Joe T., Pennington, NJ

2. "Oklahomo"
Robert H., Huntingdon, PA

1. "Fun With Dick In James"
Ray H., Drexel Hill, PA
lol. I haven't seen the movie yet, the theaters around me aren't playing it.
:lmao: :lol: