James May: Top Toys on BBC2 tonight 8pm

Where is it exactly on Tweeke's ftp? I am too stupid to find it.... :roll:
^ in upload
Anybody watched this? I was really amased at the art students :shock: how did they do that......?
And if you look at when James is putting the trainset together you can se his cat running around :p
Does anybody know if there gonna be other episodes of James's toys or no ?
I watched this and the show is great! Even I remember most of the toys he mentioned, we have a train set in one of our rooms here, too bad its collecting dust right now. After watching the show I looked into the boxes I have of Lego remembering the times when I was a kid...
I thought it was highly entertaining! My favorites were the LEGO and the slot cars, by far. I thought the intentional mistakes in the Meccano instructions were a neat idea, too.
i asked my dad what his favoite toy was back in the day and thats what im getting him next year... it was some football table thingy mabob hopefully its still round.
^ Foosball?

Great program. Very Top Gear-like for obvious reasons. James May is the coolest guy ever*. :thumbsup:

*(next to Sean Connery, of course.)
the way he said it to me was it had knobs that you turned and you moved your man and kicked the ball....................... this was 28 years ago sooo
bumping an old thread, i just finished watching the show, great special!