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Topgear Episodes available for download!


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Jan 9, 2005
All you have to do is go to my forums and register so you can get the login information for the site


The topgear website for download access


the episodes are hosted on a 45Mbit connection and available for your downloading pleasure...

If anybody has more episodes or higher quality ones that I could get please let me know (I have all the old ones but they're only 150 megs a piece)

Uhm.... what's this place for again? :?
Well I just thought that there could be some offset for downloads...

I mean bandwidth isn't free (well unless on a college campus or something) so I figured I'd help out and take away some of the bandwidth hits...
Just tried it, I can login to the forums now, but my login doesn't work in the topgear area. Is there a trick I'm missing?
paulson said:
I mean bandwidth isn't free (well unless on a college campus or something) so I figured I'd help out and take away some of the bandwidth hits...
*looks around innocently* 8)

Seriously, thanks for the offer :welcome:
Thanks, and :welcome:

And the bandwidth isn't too bad since we don't use servers to tranfers the episode files :)

Go Bittorrent :D
well, I'm on a college connection so the bandwidth is at my disposal... so you might as well just use it up and not worry so much about bittorrent (I used it to get most episodes but at the time you guys didn't have them all)
Yeah, the topgear website server was down throughout the night, and my server at my house runs the forums.djpsmusicmix.com site (which is on a local ISP connection) so who knows when that'll go down.

The topgear server just went up yesterday so we're still ironing some things out...
Thanks a lot dude.. I was scanning thru forums when i came to this one. I was delighted to see this one.

i think it would be great if you could put metion of these downloads on the main page so those who don't know can easily findout.

Great job
Yes! Fantastic site/server! :)
It will help a lot of us to get Top Gear episodes faster, as i think many of us didn't see most of them - so it like watching new show :)
Its a great site, the download speed is high, but the site is often down. my download is stuck on 91% .. ..

Anyone know alternate links to download them?
There's a new mirror mentioned on my forums...

I'm hoping to have my site back up and the server running sometime this next week...

(we have to revamp it in order to install bandwidth throttling stuff to keep the admins happy)

Bandwidth would be limited to 5mbps during the day and 10 in the evening/weekends...

It sucks but it has to be done... at least that's better than when I used to host stuff off my 512kb connection out of my house (served up 60 gigs one month :))
Thanks a lot.Good alternative for someone like me(don't meet the requirements for hokie's FTP yet as im new :( ).I'm getting ~700kb/sec, thanks again!