topgear gone to china


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Nov 27, 2006
jc and may were in beiing,they were take movie about chinese car(the copy one like bmw x5 smart)
more details check this
I can't imagine what Jeremy was thinking in that shot where he looks straight at the camera...
My two profound thoughts on this are:

1. That's a tall Chinese guy talking to James
2. Look at the colour combination on James' outfit after he puts his jacket on. Brilliant!

Thank you.
This news has made me very happy indeed. :D Now all they need to do is do a special there and I will explode with joy.
Shanghai to Beijing is a hell of a long way to drive. I wonder if they came along with the camera car or they actually filmed close to Shanghai? If so, there's gonna be lots of disappointed local Top gear fans in my office, looks like we missed them :-(

As for the cars, this should be fun. Chinese cars are utterly and completely dreadful. Imagine Hyundai's from 25 years ago, but far less reliable. Also, some offer DVD ssytems with screens for the driver! And yet, you still get people buying the copies and then sticking actual bmw badges on it...

All the same, the local press can't slag them off for the steaming piles of crap they are, so they end up commenting on how nice it is that this or that fisher-price knob doesn't come off...
You have just got to love the Great Wall Coolbear!

1. Breakes all the rules of car naming.
2. It looks just lik a Kia Soul too.

"James May is looking somewhat portly these days":D

Such a damning word, portly...
Well he does eat all the pies.