TopGear Russia with English VO Dubs - Interest?

TopGear Russia with English VO Dubs - Interest?

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Hey all,
So I watched the new TopGear Russia and it wasn't that bad, I kinda liked it, but like many of you I find it a bit annoying having to read subtitles instead of enjoying the show. I was wondering how much interest there is out there in creating an English Voice Over Dub for the episodes, not monotone reading but actually give an english voice to the hosts personalities. If there's sufficient interest I think we should hold auditions and give it a go.

I figure we'd need at least 5 voices
-Nikolai Fomenko
-Oscar Kuchera
-Mihail Petrovsky
-Male Extra/Guest
-Female Extra/Guest
We do have a thread dedicated to subtitling, just in case someone missed it.
If somebody could dub the series from our translation/subs, that would just be great.
I'd rather have just the subtitles. You would have to lower the volume of the original to hear the dubbing clearly, and that would interfere with the great music and sound effects. My suggestion would be to try a short clip and see how it turns out.
great music and sound effects
Now what programme exactly were you watching, again? :lol:

On a serious note, I reckon it would be possible to, sort of, half the volume of the original exactly under the dubbed speech. Probably with a small fading window, not to make it sound harsh. Most of the clear soundtrack should still remain untouched. I'm not sure it'd be technically easy to do it the way I described it, though.