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Topgear sticker wanted.


Jan 9, 2005
I have seen this on a car in the mag from a reader of the magazine.
Where can i get them?
Are there different sizes?

It would find a home on the plasic glass between the seats of a honda s2000.

It must have come with some issue of the magazine.
Just my guess, though.
I'm afraid it did... Just wanted to be sure.

If anyone has a red one that isn't used i'm happy buy it on Ebay.
sticker?? you mean like bumper sticker? i want one of those too!
You want a sticker huh? Its probly too much too ask the BBC for! They can't make a fkn DVD so why would they make a sticker :x
Sorry but i'm anti BBC now..
^it's ok, most of the people here are nowadays

I mean after the c&d the people in this forum like only one thing about the BBC : Top Gear. lol
^ what are the chances of that?

but yeah that would be an alternative... or if you have your local magazine place sells TG magazine you could get the vinyl people to find the font of the title page
Roman said:
Go to your local vinyl shop and have it made then... :think:

Shouldn't be expensive. All you need is a shop owner/employee who watches the show and knows which font the lettering is made with.

When i get a bit time on my hands i might just do that.
^most of those aren't water resistant, pretty vital if you want to stick it on the window of a car