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Tornado & Storm pics (56k bad)


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Jul 29, 2005
Marion, Iowa
'11 Impreza STI Sedan
Well....I saw on radar and the weather channel that a storm had blown east of here, since the mountains keep us from getting weather in the area. But the storm shifted west north west, and this is what I got :D This isn't tornado alley...but it's rare to see one in the Mojave desert :p

Radar as during the time I took pictures...the purple triangle denotes a tornado, via Edwards AFB radar at weather underground. I acually think there was two of them, because the pictures I took were to the south, and that tornado was west-north-west of me.

First pic I took, tornado is obvious in center

Zoom w/ slight enhance...tornado was naturally blurred some

Rain soon following pictures of tornado, almost horizontal, and hail

Close up of front lawn w/ hail

Hail...about pea size, some larger around the area

Flood at top of street

Me playing in the water after Storm passes, water is about 7" high, rushing pretty strong

Storm clouds after tornado...note the bowl shape of clouds..still ALOT of rotation

Front of storm to the north..wonderful colors

Last picture taken well after storm left area, wonderful colors here too, storm is pretty strong

Well, I hope you liked these pictures, first acual big set of photos I've shown to people, took a total of 103, and only had this handful that I thought would be good!
Nice... :)

Edit: I mean nice pics...
wow... in California... I can't wait to see one here in the bay area. :unsure:
Great pics mate.... Was there much damage from the hail, winds etc etc??
Wow... We don't get stuff like that over here...

I thought California doesn't get Tornados?? Or is it once in a blue moon??
TY for replies! :D lemme get to some

watto & pdanev:
The tornado dissipated, but from what I understand, the next one dropped 3 blocks west of me, when I took pictures of that rain...there wasn't much damage at all, lot of tree branches blown around, loads of sand and desert dirt (as I call it) was all over the roads.

I would say if my car wasn't in the garage, I prolly woulda got a couple dents in it.

Yea, that's the good thing about Germany. I lived in Kaiserslautern for 7 years, we would just get some really strange weather...would rain, then snow, then sun, then hail.....was real wierd :D

It's prolly once in a blue moon, when a cold front like that comes over the desert...that's a perfect brew to cause the clouds to spin...like you could see in that first large pic that it was still spinning :D