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Torrent RSS feed is in the works


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Sep 21, 2003
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Okay, but popular request, I'm making a RSS feed for the torrents for auto-downloading programs. Here's what I have so far (although I'm developing it on my PC, so I may have progressed further since I last uploaded a copy): http://www.finalgear.com/torrents-rss2.php

I still have to add to the database a value for when the episode was released though (currently just sorting by order the episode was added to the database and not released). Pain in the ass though to create that value since I use phpMyAdmin to manage the episodes instead of an admin interface.

I'll also be redoing the legal page so that you can have it remember your answer (assuming it was "I Agree" via a cookie). This feed will check for that cookie and if you have it, then it will display the feed. Well, I take that back now that I think of it. Perhaps I'll just add to the bottom the main site something like "by using this site and it's feeds you agree to this terms" and then do away with the whole agree/disagree page before download...

However, I was using it stop the hotlinking of getfile.php?fileid=XX&download=1 by people. Perhaps I'll just check to see if there's a referrer from somewhere else than this site and if so, redirect to the details page. That won't stop blank referrers from other sites, but oh well.

Thoughts / comments / suggestions?
RSS feed is a brilliant idea, even for us that just use Safari or Firefox. While this isn't related to the RSS feed aspect of the thread, I think the legal disclaimer should just be on the download page because I know personally it's tedious to have to click "I Agree" each new time I visit the site. More importantly, there's that slight bit of increased bandwith that could also be at issue.

For preventing direct links, and covering the legal aspect as well, couldn't you make it so that you have to like register for the forums to be able to access the downloads? That why it'd be harder to blindly link from another site, unless you're a member. Signing up you could include the rules disclaimer and copyright information. Then once inside you could include the links and the RSS feed for autodownloaders and what not.

Might be a stupid idea, especially from the programming aspect, but a possible solution.
This is probably a silly idea but here goes. I know you used a new intro for the last FG episode and I thought it looked good. Wouldn't it be easier to add some text to the intro (e.g. "Discuss this episode with other fans in the forums of FinaGear.com", "For reviewal purpose use only", etc.) than setting up the other technical fixes?

PS: I'm looking forward to the RSS torrent feeds.
He was trying to help me to figure out what to do with the legal page (you currently have to agree to it to download a torrent).

I think I'm just going to abolish that agreement and link to it at the bottom of the page like I suggested above.
Bah, having issues with the getfile script handing off the torrent to the auto-downloader in a format that it'll like.

Anyone care to link me to whatever auto-downloader they use? I wanna make sure it's not this Azureus plugin that's the problem.
I use a bash script called bashpodder that just grabs the .torrent file.


it doesn't seem to be working right now, but I'm having a hard time figuring out why that is.

[Edit: it seems that bashpodder needs links to be inside enclosures]

<enclosure> sub-element of <item>

<enclosure> is an optional sub-element of <item>.

It has three required attributes. url says where the enclosure is located, length says how big it is in bytes, and type says what its type is, a standard MIME type.

The url must be an http url.

<enclosure url="http://www.scripting.com/mp3s/weatherReportSuite.mp3" length="12216320" type="audio/mpeg" />
Figured out why my Azureus plugin wasn't downloading it right and fixed the script.

As for bashpodder, ugh, you really sure that the link has to be in <enclosure>? I mean, the current script doesn't work (the torrent links are 404) so that could be the problem...
Viper007Bond said:
Figured out why my Azureus plugin wasn't downloading it right and fixed the script.

My Azureus RSSFees Scanner still gives me the "404 Not Found" error :evil:
Is it still in the works or is something wrong with my client?
I'm talking the version of the feed that's on my computer. The feed on the site is sitll just a demo and doesn't work.

I still have some work to go until the feed and new getfile version are completely done and uploaded. :)