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Jan 14, 2004
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not a problem, but i was thinking...

if i install severall clients, and download the same file on all the clients simultaneous, would it download faster? or would it just split the connections? and should the file still be viewable?
It doesnt work like that, peer to peer is based off your ip address, it would be denied at the seeders end as multiple connects from the same ip. Also theres no way to set a client to download a specific piece so you couldnt use two clients to download the one file as they would just download the same file twice.
i'm really getting depressed down here :|

i've bought a router, ever since, avg torrentspeed is 3kbs.

i open my ports (i think), do a check from a website, and they're all closed :x the site even congratulated me for being so safe :roll:

anybody has experience with TOPCOM routers and the integrated firewalls?

You'll have to open the ports manualy

First you'll have to access your router, type in the ip number.

Then u should get a configuration webpage, go to your NAT section (could also be called "firewall rules"

Heres a pic of that section on my router


Inside IP is the ip of the computer ur running the torrent client on, out side ip is what the ip ur ISP gives you.

Then you have to fill in the right ports. And thats it.

Check your router's manual, its not the same with every router.


Here's what the Linksys menu looks like:

ouch, i seem not to have a "forwarding" or "NAT" menu item


there is a radiobutton for NAT under rooting, but i guess this has nothing to do with it, can't speicify anything about ports...

(i have the topcom BR 604)
Whats the exact model of your router, i might be able to download a manual or find more specific info.
Your client needs more ports open to get higher speeds.

Try opening ports 6881 to 6969.

Edit the first entry in your "firewall rules" list, the torrent TCP one.

But if it doesn't work, remember to close them again.

I hope that will solve your speed problems.