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Touch-screenpad scrolling question.


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May 29, 2004
Okey about my laptop, I have this touchpad, and if I used to move my finger from the topright of the pad to the bottom right it would act as a scroller, so I didn?t have to click on the scrollbar to scroll the page.

But now, somehow, it changed back, and I can?t scroll that way anymore.
And it was damn good for fast scrolling with no real mouse.

Anybody knows how to fix it?
Well the usual supplier isss Synaptics Pointing Systems? so just open the mouse control panel, go to device settings and look for "Virtual Scrolling" :)
Do you have an icon for your touch pad on your taskbar? If so you should be able to double click that and adjust the settings there.

Otherwise, you should be able to get to it in you control panel.

Sorry I can't be more specific but I'm not at my laptop right now and it probably has different settings if it's a different brand.
Hmm, I remembered that I had this taskbar icon, but it's gone now!! Every time I touched the pad the icon would light up and show activity, but it's gone now.

This is what shows up at my mousesettings:
Tab "Scrolling".
*Enable fast-scrolling (scroll farther as you roll the wheel faster)
*Enable verticle scrolling

They're both enabled.

Can't find anything about the touchpad itself.

These are my mousesettingtabs:
Buttons, pointers, pointeroptions, scrolling, wireless, CursorXP, Activities, Hardware.

Thanks for the fast replies btw.

I think it should be the taskbar icon that is missing..
Did you try a reboot, sometimes that's all it needs...
I think he means that it might bring up your task bar icon again.

You could check msconfig and see if the startup process is disabled for your touch pad icon.

Go to start >> run >> type in "msconfig" >> then go to startup and see what is checked and what is not
You don't have to change anything for it to mess up, from my experience those touchpads are finicky, and if you reboot then it will bring that little square icon back and put your settings back. Did you fix it already? :oops:
Could it be that you have a Toshiba? If you do, just go to the download page of toshiba and download drivers for the mousepad. This goes for most laptops I believe. I think it's better to let your manufacturer handle this (driver) than the windows one.

Greetz Johan
No I don't have a Toshbiba, Acer.

And it's not like this happend yesterday, this thing doesn't work for the last 2 months but didn't feel like asking.

In the Startup in Msconfig are no items I can select.

I checked the Acer site and there are no mouse drivers, only Motherboard and BIOS drivers.
Why don't you tell us the exact type of your laptop then, and we see what we can do ?
Oh wait, I downloaded a touchpad driver from Synaptics Pointing Systems what Cruzz told me...let's see.

Edit: Cool, it works again! Need to fiddle with the options more but my taskbar icon is back again!!

Thanks 8)