Touristenfahrten too busy for you? Come to track day instead!

After a break last year, autumn track day is back on. Initially the date is set at 13.10. Nothing has been booked yet, but unless there are some heavy arguments against it, I doubt it'll change.

It's also the 10th anniversary for Finnish gear meets, which started in autumn at the same track. :)

Plan is the same as previous years; afternoon at the track, sauna and excuses at a cabin in the evening. Do join in. :cool:
Schedule update.

As warned beforehand, the date is Saturday 13.10. and we'll gather HERE at around 11, to prepare for our 12-15 track reservation (and consume coffee up to that point, I assume). After that, dinner in town I guess, before moving to the cabin some 20 kilometres away.

And like Ringmeet, Finnmeets now have their own account, so dealing with payments is slightly easier (and I guess less sketchy to less familiar people).. Costs this year are 47eur for track and 33eur for cabin.

The account is in my name, so details for this, and future Finnmeets will be;

Mikko Ylönen
iBan is FI21 3939 0055 0094 19.
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Track day tomorrow brah.

Hey, I posted on the forums. I wonder when was the last time...

edit: And of course I got an error while posting :-D