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"track-day" computer


Oct 28, 2005
what computer (or kind of computer) would be comparable to a superkart / track-day car? what would lap times be analogous to in a fast computer?
Kinda of a dodgy question. What exactly are you looking for?
i'm asking if it should be a high-performance gaming machine, workstation, server, or a combination of all three
This is a very strange question do you mean this:
If a home computer was equivalent to a standard road car we all buy (as in a cheap/old computer = a second hand Vauxhall Corsa and a mid-range computer = a VW Golf)...

Then what is a track day (i.e. sports car) equivalent to in terms of a computer?

If that's what you mean... still a very strange question... with no real answer. (though I'm gonna guess at high-performance gaming machine as track day cars are fast, and great fun and occasionally impractical to drive on public roads - in the same was gaming machines can be impractical for scientific measurement uses)
That?s a tricky question.
I think he meant what a very fast, money no object computer would be, but focusing on graphics power since he wants it for gaming.
In short: what computer would be "the Ferrari of computers". (I know there are faster cars out there, but you know what I mean)
so you are basically asking what is a bitchin' computer setup? Well that seriously depends on what it's used for. An all around good system isn't going to be the best at any one specific task, but a system built for something specific isn't going to be much good for anything else. Check out the "Ultimate Linux Box" articles from Linux Journal, regardless of what OS you stick in there, they make some seriously insane setups(quad processor, quad monitor, 7.1 surround etc.).
Voodoo > All

Voodoo is based right here in Calgary, and they make amazing systems! :thumbsup:

I'd own one if I could afford it, that's for sure.
Best computer? One you build.

Preferably a pair of 7800GTX's, Mid-High end AMD chip, ASUS A8N-SLi Premium, Audigy 4 or X-Fi, pair of 10,000rpm HD's in raid 0.. :thumbsup: The possibilities are endless to have a nice system..you can opt for some company systems and sacrafice more cash, or build your own.

But what do I know..I have a crap Alienware... :bangin: Didn't pay for it though!! :mrgreen: