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Track days anyone?


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Feb 17, 2006
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i was on LFS last night looking at the other games (mainly looking for some UFR action) and saw that one of the guys had set up a track day. you could just go along and drive whatever car you liked.

does anyone like this idea. i figure we could do it on the sunday after a championship race (ie starting this sunday). just let people drop in and have friendly, non competitive races in whatever car we like :)

we have the server, so we might as well use it. just leaving it on one track for the whole week seems a bit of a waste to me :(

anyway, tell me what you think :)
You mean a all cars enabled server?
It's not a good idea, first of all there are loads of those in the server list already and everyone would just be crashing in the BF1 if somebody even happened to join.
I've been playing with this idea for a long while now (well a bit in a different way), shortly after this seasons started. I wanted to make somehow a "competition" from it, have a track day, with a layout on autox etc, and then somehow check times and so on and so forth, but I didn't have it quite worked out yet...

Anyway, soon we'll be releasing a LOT, (30-40+) layouts, not all auto-x, but quite a few, so at least we'll have something to base these "days" or "competitions" on. I'm still thinking about a good way to implement this though. It wouldn't be every weekend, probably every 2-3weeks or so.
how about parking challenges. like 'britains worst driver' but in LFS...
All car servers are not good for racing, but if you're keeping with the track day theme that sounds like a good idea. So long as you disallow race cars, track days are almosy by defintion for road going cars only.
well matt,
i set the server up for you with the best layout of the top gear track i could find. that'll do in the mean time until those layouts of pdanev get released, and a more formal idea of this gets fleshed out.

EDIT: actually, i'll make it that after this weekend.
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this track is so easy to get lost in. keep going into a restricted area.i feel for Johnathan Ross when he went round the real TG track. just needs rumble strips on last corner for the Gmabon effect. anyway my GFX card died on the second lap (speccled screen :? happened before) so i didn't get a good chance to do a fast lap.