Track Path Editor for ios and Android (Tablets only)

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Sep 20, 2006
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I stopped playing this game a week after it came out. But, this looks cool... and about 3 years too late.

IOS and Android Tablet only...

So it won't run on my phone, or on my convertible Windows Laptop/Tablet.

So much like everything else out of PD, late, and underwhelming.
My phone is nearly 6 inches, it would be easy to use at this size I reckon.

I bet someone on gtplanet has a hacked apk.
Thanks, repped+ :)
Also worth noting for those without any tablet, something like Bluestacks is worth a shot. Don't know if it works with this specifically.
It works really well and uploading and using the tracks is surprisingly easy.
I'm liking it.
30 track limit is pointless and annoying, but I'm glad there are features to share tracks.